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The Importance of Nutrition in Child-Bearing Years

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Good nutrition is always important, but even more so during the reproductive years, to provide optimal conditions for a growing baby. It is now thought that both the mother's and father's diets contribute to the health of the mother and baby throughout pregnancy and then the mother's nutrient intake while breastfeeding. 

Sadly, over the last few generations, our foods have become more processed and nutrient deficient often leading to gaps in our nutritional status. Certain nutrients with a high risk of being deficient in our foods, such as iodine and folic acid, are now prescribed for pregnant mums. A broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral designed for pregnancy is also recommended to fill any other nutrient gaps. 

Another category of nutrients worth considering are essential fatty acids, which are vital for many processes in the body. We are unable to produce our own - so consuming them our foods (such as deep water and oily fish, wild game meats and some raw nuts and seeds) is very important. Nowadays, not so easy to do!

Our modern day diet of convenience for busy lifestyles, often consists of mainly processed foods and farmed foods which have an imbalance of essential fatty acids. Often, our intake of omega-3 fatty acids is far below what it should be.

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