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Clinicians Slimwaist


Clinicians Slimwaist

Clinicians Slimwaist is a tablet containing 500mg of a concentrated extract of the natural herb Caralluma which is equivalent to 6000mg of the dry herb.

This Clinicians Slimwaist tablet contains no Dairy, Gluten, Sugar, Colours or Preservatives and is ideal for vegetarians.


The herb Caralluma grows wild as an edible cactus all over India and has been used over centuries in traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine to suppress appetite and quench thirst.

Recent research has backed up what the traditional Indian health practitioners already knew by isolating the active ingredients in Caralluma as Pregnane Glycosides.

Controlled clinical trials have clearly demonstrated that Caralluma suppresses appetite. This action is postulated to occur by inhibiting the hunger sensory mechanism of the hypothalamus.

As we eat, nerves in the stomach feed back sensory information to the hypothalamus. When the stomach is empty the hypothalamus signals the brain that food is required, & conversely when the stomach is full the hypothalamus signals the brain that food is no longer required.

The Pregnane Glycosides interfere with the messaging system between the brain & the hypothalamus which results in the brain being satisfied that the stomach is full when it is not.

Caralluma  has also been shown in controlled clinical trials to help participants to feel more energetic and gain lean muscle mass while losing fa, by virtue of its actions in blocking the formation of Co-enzymes Acetyl A & Malonyl A. both of which are involved in fat synthesis.

Caralluma also increases the burning of fat as an energy source to fuel our body’s metabolism which helps the body lose weight by burning its fat reserves & therefore increasing energy levels as a result of that fuel burning.


Historically one main reason why most weight loss diet programs fail is that those programs rely on reducing the amount of fuel consumed as food – which in turn leads to the sensation of fatigue exhibited as low energy levels. We are literally starving ourselves of fuel.

Caralluma can have the triple effect of:

  • Not feeling hungry (so we eat less),
  • Stopping the formation of further fat cells,
  • While encouraging the body to burn its own fat reserves thereby keeping our energy level up & reducing fatigue normally associated with dieting.

Clinicians Slimwaist is best taken as ONE tablet TWICE a day 30 minutes BEFORE your main meals.


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