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NEW into Store - Radiance Kid's Gummies Calm & Focus

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Radiance Kids Gummies Calm & Focus  is formulated with Magnesium and L-Theanine to support levelled behaviour, mental clarity and restful sleep in growing kids. It helps to calm and settle behaviour in children when they may struggle to relax or focus.

They are delicious Blackberry flavoured soft gummies that are 99.9% sugar free and easy to take with no water required for swallowing. Always supervise young children consuming any solid food, and cut into smaller pieces if required.

Magnesium is a vital nutrient for every cell in growing bodies and is involved in several hundred functions in the body. It’s essential for mood, concentration, sleep and energy production as well as muscle, bone, nerve and heart health.

L-Theanine is a unique amino acid that supports an alert state of relaxation by increasing the effects of GABA, our calming brain chemical. L-theanine does not have a sedative effect, instead it increases alpha brain waves which predominate in a relaxed, alert state promoting cognition, clarity and focus.

Combined, Magnesium and L-Theanine support daytime balance and restful sleep. Growing minds and body's require a healthy sleep pattern to function properly, and a quality sleep allows little bodies to repair and rejuvenate so they wake up feeling fresh and full of energy. Radiance Kid's Calm & Focus Gummies can support balanced mood and energy in growing Kids

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Good Health B Stress Free is BACK & Now Available Again

Good Health B Stress Free is back in stock & available Be in quick while stocks last!30's = Click Here60's = Click Here

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Manuka Honey UMF or MGO?

Manuka Honey UMF or MGO? Active Manuka Honey. There is a direct conversion between UMF & MGO UMF15 equates to MGO550 UMF20 equates to MGO830 IMPORTANT - UMF20 is 33% STRONGER than UMF15             Kaimai Gold 20+ Manuka Honey 500g - NZ$120 - Licensed & Accredited Manuka Health MGO550 500g - NZ$129 All honeys contain a small amount of anti-bacterial activity [...]

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Invest in Your Eyes

Eye Health - Good eye health is mostly taken for granted in the young, but as we age many people begin to see less clearly, and the years of exposure to harsh UV light, irritants, eye-strain and less tear production, can lead to dry eye problems, often resulting in red and irritated eyes. Long term healthy [...]

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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Natural Anti-inflammatoriesCircumin & Krill – Nature’s Anti-inflammatoriesYour Doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories such as Voltaren, Diclofenac, Naproxen, Ibuprofen all come with unintended side-effects which can prevent a large proportion of people taking them. Gastric Inflammation – Rules out anyone with heartburn, gastric reflux, indigestion.Increased load on Kidney’s – Rules out anyone taking ACE Inhibitor blood pressure medications such as Cilazapril, Quinapril, Candesarten. Also [...]

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Scopoderm Seasickness Patches back in stock

Scopoderm Patches are now back in stock. Each pack contains 2 patches Each patch lasts 72 hours So each pack of Scopoderm will give you 6 days of freedom from travel sickness. https://www.nz-online-pharmacy.com/products/scopoderm-tts-1-5-scopolamine-patches.html Buy 1 Pack (6 days) for NZ$27 Buy 2 Packs @ NZ$25 Buy 3 Packs @ NZ$24 Buy 4 - 5 Packs @ NZ$23 Buy 5 Packs or more @ NZ$22 FREE [...]

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AA SmartFuel Discounts

AA SmartFuel AA SmartFuel is a convenient way to accumulate fuel discounts from both BP & Caltex in New Zealand. You do NOT have to be a member of the NZ AA to benefit from the power of accumulating discounts from purchases in AA SmartFuel retailers. For those who are not Full or Associate Members of the NZ [...]

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Melatonin & Sleep

Melatonin & SleepMelatonin is a natural human hormone produced by a small gland attached to our brain called the Pineal gland.The process of synthesising Melatonin starts with a common amino acid found in our food called Tryptophan. Tryptophan is also a precursor (building block) in the brains production of Serotonin. The pineal gland is stimulated [...]

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Colostrum - Allergies, Eczema, Psoriasis & Infections

Colostrum and “Leaky Gut” The Problem Leaky Gut – Sounds serious – and it can be, and it is a lot more common than people may think. Leaky Gut or “intestinal permeability” could be the cause of many of our “lifestyle” chronic health complaints such as allergy type symptoms such as itching, sneezing, gastrointestinal disturbance, redness, stomach pain, [...]

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Viralex Attack - Winter's Soldier

Viralex Attack Viralex Attack contains 3 immune strengthening herbs, plus Zinc to boost your body’s natural defences against many of Winter’s viruses. 1)      Potent Spanish Olive Leaf extract 2500mg – Equivalent to Oleuropein 60mg 2)      High strength Andrographis Leaf 2000mg – Equivalent to Andrographolides 21mg 3)      Pau d’Arco Bark  – 500mg 4)      Zinc Gluconate 39mg – Equivalent to Zinc 5mg Viralex [...]

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