The MooGoo range began on a dairy farm in Perth back in 2005. The Head of the Herd (founder Craig Jones) noticed that his mum was using a white paste, intended for use on cows, to help manage a skin problem. The cream was formulated to help keep the skin on cow’s udders in good condition for milking, and although it worked, it was thick and hard to apply. As you can imagine, cow’s udders need to be kept soft and supple, not dry and cracked.

Craig took on the task of reformulating it to be lighter and non-greasy with a name change from “Udder Cream” to  Moo-Goo. Starting a skin care company wasn’t the initial idea, but eventually friends and family found out about it, tried it and kept asking for more. But it didn’t stop there.

Since then MooGoo has grown to over 40 products to help with lots of different problems, from dealing with irritable skin and itchy scalps, to natural sun care products and a Baby Range for the little ones. Their ingredient philosophy remains the same: To make effective products using healthy ingredients, that they are comfortable using on ourselves and our loved ones.

Research and ingredient philosophy is simple:

  • As edible as possible - although they don’t recommend eating it.
  • Natural over synthetic - any day of the week, even if it costs a little bit more.
  • Non-irritating - because we don’t need more irritating things in our lives.
  • Quality, and family first - since family and friends use our products, they don’t skimp on the ingredients
  • Safe for every-body - we choose ingredients that are safe for everyone to use, including children, newborns and mum-to-be during pregnancy.
  • Effective amounts - MooGoo uses ingredients in a concentration that is actually effective
  • Ethical product testing - No testing on animals