Manuka Honey UMF or MGO?

Posted by Allan Pollock on 8th Jul 2015

Manuka Honey UMF or MGO? Active Manuka Honey. There is a direct conversion between UMF & MGO UMF15 equates to MGO550 UMF20 equates to MGO830 IMPORTANT - UMF20 is 33% S … read more
Invest in Your Eyes

Invest in Your Eyes

Posted by Kathryn Pollock on 23rd Oct 2014

Eye Health - Good eye health is mostly taken for granted in the young, but as we age many people begin to see less clearly, and the years of exposure to harsh UV light, irritants, eye-strain and less … read more

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Posted by Allan Pollock on 2nd Jun 2014

Natural Anti-inflammatoriesCircumin & Krill – Nature’s Anti-inflammatoriesYour Doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories such as Voltaren, Diclofenac, Naproxen, Ibuprofen all come with unintended sid … read more

Melatonin & Sleep

10th Aug 2012

Melatonin & SleepMelatonin is a natural human hormone produced by a small gland attached to our brain called the Pineal gland.The process of synthesising Melatonin starts with a common amino acid … read more