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4th Jul 2012

Colostrum and “Leaky Gut”

The Problem

Leaky Gut – Sounds serious – and it can be, and it is a lot more common than people may think.

Leaky Gut or “intestinal permeability” could be the cause of many of our “lifestyle” chronic health complaints such as allergy type symptoms such as itching, sneezing, gastrointestinal disturbance, redness, stomach pain, cramping, diarrhoea and flatulence.

It is also highly probable that Leaky Gut is largely responsible for the dramatic increase of food allergies, inflammatory disorders (eczema, dermatitis) and other autoimmune disorders seen in today’s population.

A perfectly functioning gut is

  • the barrier (just like our external skin) between the outside world and our internal body
  • responsible for the absorption (or not) of nutrients
  • responsible for elimination (or not) of body toxins

And as such the gut is immensely important for the overall state of our health. The health of the lining of our gut should be one of the most important factors in our long term health, alongside the current focus of cardio-vascular (blood lipids) health.

A healthy gut lining is made up of specialised cells connected by “tight junctions” - which are like the mortar between bricks, and ideally the seal that these tight junctions  provide are leakproof – so that the only absorption of nutrients and the excretion of toxins can only occur through the epithelial cells that line the gut.

Our modern lifestyle and dietary choices can weaken the joins between our gut epithelial cells so that toxins, microbes, and even minute food particles (in particular proteins) can leak through our gut lining in to our intestinal cells and in to our general circulation.

This in turn can lead to our immune system reacting to these foreign “invaders” or irritants leading on inflammation and allergy.

Those lifestyle, dietary, and medication factors include

  • Alcohol,    
  • Antacids,
  • Antibiotics,
  • Caffeine,
  • Infections (candida, rotavirus, Clostridium, etc.),
  • Lack of dietary fibre
  • Low stomach acid.
  • NSAIDs – (Voltaren, Diclofenac, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Brufen, Nurofen),
  • Reduced probiotic numbers,
  • Stress

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Colostrum is a pre-milk made specifically by any mammal nursing mother to their newborn in the first few days after birth has taken place.

 It is NOT milk.

New Zealand bovine (Cow) colostrum contains more than 100 compounds that assist and support the infant calf to maintain optimal health. This valuable Colostrum is collected once a year during natural calving from year round pasture fed cows. All of these cows are certified antibiotic free and free from hormones, and are also certified BSE free.

Cow colostrum is a perfectly balanced product for humans being low in fat, but high in protein, carbohydrates, and

  • High levels of natural immunoglobulins IgG, Ig E, and Ig M, which are all involved in our body’s self-defence mechanism used by the body to fight both viral and bacterial infections, and strengthens your immune system against potential allergens
  • Lactoferrin which acts as a powerful ant-viral and anti-bacterial, and valuable growth factors GF1, IGF2, TGF D2 & TGF D2 to nourish the newborn.
  • Growth factors which can assist with the regeneration and repair of injured or damaged muscle, skin nerve tissue and cartilage

The immune factors in Colostrum work to support healthy intestinal immune function and maintaining an ideal gut flora balance. The growth factors in Colostrum support the body’s ability to maintain healthy intestinal tissues, fat metabolism and muscle mass. Colostrum has been found to support the body’s natural healing and immune system processes (especially in the intestine), especially when you are run down or going through chronic discomfort.

The best colostrum products contain only 100% high protein, high IgG, agglomerated Colostrum with no fillers or artificial additives, and ideally have been produced by using a special low heat process to guarantee maintaining optimum biological activity.

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