Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit - Upgraded Formula

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Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit - Upgraded Formula

Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit Provides Advanced Probiotics to Promote and Maintain Fresh Healthy Breath

Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit is a unique system that actively promotes and maintains fresh breath, instead of just masking the problem odour

Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit contains beneficial oral bacteria Streptococcus Salivarius (Blis K12) to help restore the bacteria balance to the levels found in the mouths of people with healthy breath. It is clinically proven to produce long term fresh breath and the majority of sufferers of chronic bad breath showed significant improvement in their overall breath score.

The cause of people to suffer from chronic bad breath (known as halitosis) is due to many different things. The main reason is due to certain undesirable bacteria digesting proteins and producing offensive smells. These 'bad' bacteria mainly live on the tounge and are buried deep in the coating of the tongue which builds up daily. If there is not enough beneficial Streptococcus Salivarius (Blis K12) bacteria on the tounge, a bacterial imbalance often occurs causing high levels of the problem-causing bacteria instead of Blis K12. This imbalance can be brought on by an underlying condition such as low saliva flow, post nasal drip or use of certain medicines including antibiotics.

The Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit has a tongue cleaning tool that gently scrapes away any bacterial build up that is on the tongue. The high-strength mouthwash is anti-bacterial to kill any remaining bacteria that cause the bad smell. The lozenges have a high potency advanced probiotic (Bliss K12) which is 'good' bacteria and helps to create a good balance of beneficial bacteria which promotes fresh breath.

To maintain the freshest breath possible, continuous and regular use of Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit is required.

Directions: Suitable for Adults only. Please read detailed instruction leaflet provided in the package before using.

  1. Day 1 and every 7th day afterwards, rinse mouth with 10ml mouthwash for 30 seconds using cup provided. 
  2. Brush teeth and floss as usual.
  3. Use provided tongue cleaner to clean the tongue. Start at the back of the tongue and scrap gently towards the tip of the tongue.
  4. Rinse mouth with activated mouthwash for 30 seconds (max of 60 seconds). Swirl around the mouth, gargle, and spit out - do NOT swallow!
  5. Allow a Blis K12 Fresh Breath Lozenge to slowly dissolve on your tongue.
  6. Over the next six hours use a further three Blis K12 Fresh Breath lozenges at 2 hour intervals.
  7. All other days brush teeth, clean tongue, rinse mouth well with water, and use one lozenge. Always brush teeth and floss morning and night.


  • Mouthwash:
    • Water
    • Glycerine
    • Cetylpyridinium chloride
    • methylparaben
  • Lozenges:
    • Isomalt
    • Streptococcus Salivarius K12 (at least 1.25 billion CFU live bacteria per dose at date of manufacture.)
    • Tableting aids
    • Natural flavour

Precautions: Suitable for adults only. Keep Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit out of reach of children. Do NOT use Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed. Do NOT exceed the recommended dose, with a maximum of four lozenges per day, and a maximum recommended dose of mouthwash is once per week. See your healthcare or dental professional if symptoms persist. Does NOT contain Dairy or Gluten. Those suffering from compromised immune conditions should seek the advice of their doctor before using Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit. Do NOT make your tongue bleed from brushing or cleaning too hard.

Presentation: Each pack contains a 4 weeks supply which includes 40 Blis K12 Lozenges, 50ml mouthwash, a mixing cup and a tongue cleaning tool.


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Do you need more information about Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit? Please send your question about Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit here

Medicines, herbal remedies and dietary supplements have benefits and may have risks. Always read the instructions carefully and use Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit strictly as directed. If your symptoms continue or you have side effects consult your healthcare professional promptly. - Your New Zealand Online Pharmacy

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  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2021

    I like this product but I would like it to last longer then a couple of days… I mean, the first two days it’s ok but after that, the effectiveness becomes weaker. Moreover, any time I have some food, my breath starts smelling again, until I have my theet cleaned. I would like a stronger mouthwash and logenzes too.

  • 5
    Most Effective Treatment Ever!

    Posted by JO, Napier, NZ on 9th May 2017

    Not only keeps breath fresh...also guards against sore throats. I used to wake up every morning with a sore throat but since taking this product regularly I haven't had a cough or sore throat at all, it's been 4 years now. I've recommended this to many people. It's brilliant!

  • 5
    Yes! it works!

    Posted by Chris on 4th Jul 2013

    After antibiotics often, I had a real problem with my breath. Not being so fresh. Using Biss has given me 'that up close' confidence back. My tongue has never been cleaner. Not a noticeable morning breath either

  • 5
    Success story

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Aug 2012

    After many years search, this has been the first product that identified and treated my problem.

  • 4
    Really works

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Aug 2012

    This product really does the job. It would be nice if it could be made simpler to use, I have a habit of getting the day's dosages mixed up. Nonetheless, a great product at a good price.