Comvita Royal Jelly SoftGel Capsules 300

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Comvita Royal Jelly SoftGel Capsules 300

Comvita Royal Jelly Capsules are a highly nutritious dietary supplement that provides a natural method for obtaining necessary vitamins and minerals

Comvita Royal Jelly Capsules help to support the body's immune system, stimulate the body's metabolism, increase energy and stamina levels, as well as assist in the management of cholesterol.

Comvita Royal Jelly Capsules is rich in proteins, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, hormones (trace elements of testosterone), lipids, glucides, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, inositol as well as folic acid and has been traditionally used for the maintenance of general well being and to support a healthy lifestyle.  It is a highly concentrated food given to the beehive's most important resident, the Queen Bee.

Royal Jelly contains 1.2% naturally occuring 10HDA, which destroys bacteria and microbes while helping to strengthen the immune system.  It also contains a high amount of anti-stress B vitamins, to help with energy and easing stress, as well as Pantothenic acid and Tryptophan which help to assist in good sleeping patterns.  Due to the postitive effects to the immune system, Royal Jelly also helps to combat the effects of aging.

Dosage: Take ONE to THREE capsules DAILY with food.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains:

  • Royal Jelly (12mg 10HDA) - Freeze Dried Royal Jelly 200mg = Equivalent to 600mg Fresh Royal Jelly = 12mg 10-HDA
  • GM-Free Soy, Beeswax, Lecithin, Antioxidant and Encapsulating Materials

Precautions: Keep Comvita Royal Jelly Capsules out of reach of children. Do NOT take Comvita Royal Jelly Capsules if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed.  Do NOT exceed the recommended dose.  Do NOT take if you suffer from asthma or allergy's, as it may cause a severe allergic reaction.

Presentation: Each pack contains 300 Gel Capsules

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