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CystoCare D Mannose Powder 50g

  • Clinicians Bladder Support D-Mannose supports a healthy urinary tract by lowering levels of E. coli

Product Description

Clinicians CystoCare D-Mannose Powder 50g

Cystocare (now rebranded as Bladder Support) D-Mannose is an appropriate, natural treatment for urinary tract infections in 90% of cases.

CystoCare D-Mannose is an antibiotic free alternative for a healthy urinary tract. [Pharmacist's Note: CystoCare has been re-branded Bladder Support. Nothing has changed except for the name. If you order from this page we will send you Bladder Support. We have left this page up for our friends who are searching for CystoCare.]

Our D-Mannose is extracted using natural methods and is 100% pure without chemical residues

CystoCare D-Mannose - Until recently antibiotics were the treatment of choice for bladder and kidney infections. (Also known as Cystitis, inflammation of the bladder or UTI). The trouble with antibiotics is that they are not specifically able to target and destroy the bacteria that cause the infection. Instead they wipe out all the bacteria in the body including the friendly kind that assist our health and wellbeing. Destroying friendly bacteria increases the likelihood that you will get a yeast infection or an upset stomach, replacing one problem with another.

CystoCare D-Mannose provides a natural alternative for treating and preventing urinary tract infections.

  • 100% natural & pure D-Mannose
  • Fast Acting – usually resolves in 24 to 48 hours
  • D-Mannose is stronger than Cranberry
  • Does NOT promote yeast growth
  • Suitable for long term use
  • OK for diabetics
  • D-Mannose is safe during pregnancy
  • D-Mannose is OK for children
  • Not Expensive
  • Tastes good
  • Hypoallergenic

CystoCare D-Mannose does not kill bacteria. Instead it allows the unfriendly bacteria to be easily flushed out of the body with the urine.

Up to 20% of all women will experience the distress and discomfort of a bladder infection at least once a year. In over 90% of cases of bladder and kidney infection Escherichia coli (E. coli) is the culprit. E. coli are normally considered to be friendly bacteria when they are confined to our intestinal tract but when they travel to the urinary tract they are anything but friendly.

E. coli have small, sticky, finger like projections that attach to the cells lining the urethra, bladder and kidneys. These sticky projections on the E. coli cell walls are called lectins and they enable the E. coli to work their way deeper and deeper into the urinary tract where they colonise and cause troubling urinary tract infections.

Fortunately nature has provided a safe and very effective treatment, a member of the sugar family called D-Mannose. Occurring naturally in some fruits such as cranberry, D-Mannose is chemically similar to Glucose although it won’t raise blood sugar levels like Glucose does. Small amounts of D-Mannose are metabolised in the body but the bulk of it is excreted quickly into the urine. D-Mannose binds strongly to the lectins, the sticky projections on the E. coli cell wall with such strength that E. coli can no longer attach to the urinary tract walls. The result is that the E. coli bacteria are rendered harmless and are flushed away in the urine. No bacteria are directly killed by D-Mannose in the process. They are simply and quickly removed from where they are causing a problem.

Signs & Symptoms of Cystitis:

  • Burning or stinging when passing urine
  • Need to pass urine more often
  • Passing only small amounts of urine at a time
  • Fever, feeling unwell, chills, vomiting
  • Discoloured, smelly or cloudy urine
  • Pain in lower stomach or lower back

CystoCare D-Mannose Directions:

  • CystoCare is 100% pure D-Mannose and is safe, even if used for long term treatment.
  • Take TWO level 1.25ml metric teaspoonsful (provided with each pack of CystoCare D-Mannose) in a large glass of water every two to three hours for 48 hours.
  • CystoCare D-Mannose is suitable for children, men and women.

CystoCare D-Mannose Precautions: If not substantially improved in 24 hours please consult your doctor. Over 90% of all bladder and kidney infections are caused by E. coli but a small percentage of urinary tract infection result from other microorganisms and may require antibiotics. Keep CystoCare D-Mannose out of reach of children. Do NOT exceed the recommended dose.

CystoCare D-Mannose Presentation: Each pack of CystoCare contains 50g pure D-mannose powder. Measuring spoon included inside the pack.

FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE - Clinicians CystoCare D-Mannose Powder 50g

  • Buy CystoCare D Mannose x 1 for NZD$36.00
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  • Buy CystoCare D Mannose x 3 for NZD$99.00
  • Buy CystoCare D Mannose x 6 for NZD$192.00
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Do you need more information about CystoCare D-Mannose? Please send your question about CystoCare D-Mannose here

Medicines, herbal remedies and dietary supplements have benefits and may have risks. Always read the instructions carefully and use CystoCare D-Mannose strictly as directed. If your symptoms continue or you have side effects consult your healthcare professional promptly.

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  1. Benefits of Bladder Support D-Mannose 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Feb 2018

    For about 40 years I have struggled with U.T.infections. Being a physiotherapist and interested in integrative medicine I refused to continue taking antibiotics so did my own research and discovered Dr Jonathan Wrights research on the effectiveness of his D-Mannose product against
    UTI's caused by E-coli. I ordered product from America for a number of years until I found out about your product in N.Z. While I am very grateful for this I am frustrated that many more chemists and doctors particularly here in Australia are not promoting D-Mannose and saving so many women from not having to take antibiotics
    Kind Regards
    Sandra Haes

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