SUKU Complete Kids Multi Gummies 60

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SUKU Complete Kids Multi Gummies 60

SUKU Complete Kids Multi Gummies Provides 14 Essential Micro-Nutrients Formulated Specifically for Children to Support Everyday Health and Fill any Nutritional Gaps

SUKU Complete Kids Multi Gummies is a quality multi for your little ones. This specially formulated, sugar-free multi delivers your little ones with essential vitamins, minerals and prebiotic soluble fibre to support their everyday biological functions and also helps fill in nutritional gaps that may be missing from their everyday diet.

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin D - Helps in the development of bones & teeth. Helps maintain immune function
  • Folate - Helps make red & white blood cells. Helps to metabolize food into energy
  • Vitamin E - A powerful antioxidant. Helps protect cell damage caused by free radicals
  • Vitamin C - Helps maintain healthy immune function. A powerful antioxidant that protects against free radicals
  • Vitamin A - Helps maintain healthy immune function. Supports healthy bones & teeth.
  • Zinc - Helps maintain immune function. Helps in energy metabolism and tissue formation
  • Vitamin B12 - Provides a boost of energy. Helps with metabolism
  • B Vitamins - Helps produce red blood cells. Assists the body with numerous metabolic functions
  • Tapioca - A source of prebiotic fibre. A source of micro-nutrients 

In addition to using only science-backed ingredients in their most absorbable forms, SUKU also uses the highest quality and safest non-medicinal ingredients to give the gummies their shape, texture, and taste.

Directions: Children 3 to 9 years - Chew two gummies daily.

Ingredients: Each serve of 2 gummies contains:

  • Vitamin A - 200mcg RAE
  • Vitamin B6 - 0.3mg
  • Vitamin B12 - 0.6mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid - 1.5mg
  • Folate - 100mcg
  • Vitamin C - 12.5mg
  • Vitamin D - 160IU
  • Vitamin E - 5.2IU
  • Biotin - 6mcg
  • Iodine - 45mcg
  • Zinc - 2.5mg
  • Choline - 9.5mg
  • Inositol - 7.5mcg
  • Iodine - 4mg
  • Other Ingredients: tapioca syrup, natural fruit flavor, agar, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, beta-carotene, black carrot juice, stevia leaf extract, carnauba wax
  • Vegetarian
  • Allergen friendly, keto
  • Non-GMO
  • No sugar, gluten, dairy, tree nut, shellfish, soy, egg, peanut, artificial flavours or colours

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Choking hazard for young children - supervise at all times. Do not use if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed.

Presentation: Each pack contains 60 gummies.

DELIVERY WORLDWIDE - SUKU Complete Kids Multi Gummies

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